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Monday, September 29, 2008

What's new...

Hey everyone, I know it has been REALLY long since I posted last! So here is a quick update on what's going on here.
I am starting my 8 month and we are all SOOO exited! We are almost done getting Tanner and Tristan's room ready! It's just getting so close, and we are so happy that Tanner is understanding a little more about what a baby is, and that one is coming!! He is absolutely adorable!!!
Christian just got back from Guam a few days ago. He went for his grandpa's funeral. It was really hard for the 3 of us. Tanner didn't understand why daddy wasn't there, but the second he saw him when we picked him up from bart, he was so excited he was shaking, smiling, and really didn't move other than that. I teared up, it was one of those moments. He looked so happy to see him! I was happy to see him too, and of course as happy as Christian was that he got to see alot of his family and old friends, he was happy to be back too!
Other than that, we have just been working, hanging out with the family, and enjoying each day as it comes!!!
Love always,

Here are a couple pics from when Christian got back! Can't you tell I was happy to see him!!


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